E - Gamme TwinSpin Robotique

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E series represents a wide range of TwinSpin high precision reduction gears with flange shaped case.


E series high precision reduction gears consist of an accurate reduction mechanism and high-capacity radial and axial cylindrical bearings. This design of gears allows the mounting of the load directly to the output flange or case without requiring additional bearings. E series high precision reduction gears are characterized by a modular design, which allows mounting of the reduction gear with your desirable motor type by an inlet flange. E series shows high precision reduction gears TwinSpin that are not completely sealed, the inlet flange and gasket kit has to be used for the sealing.



  •  Zero-backlash reduction gears                        
  •  High-moment capacity
  •  Excellent positioning accuracy and positioning repeatibility
  •  High torsional and tilting stiffness
  •  Small dimensions and weight
  •  High reduction ratios
  •  High effeciency
  •  Long lifetime
  •  Easy assembly


Threaded and through holes in case.


Input flange connection                     

Shaft sealing / adapter flange offers following versions:    

  • a) motor connection flange
  • b) sealed input cover
  • c) without flange according to special request

Input shaft design                                              

Input shaft offers following versions:

  • a) shaft with key-way
  • b) according to special request

Installation and operation characteristics 

Special for robotic and general automation