H - Gamme TwinSpin arbre creux traversant

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H series represents high precision reduction gears TwinSpin with through holes in the shafts, also known as hollow-shaft version.


Cables, tubes with compressed air, drive shafts etc. can be led via the through holes in the shaft of the gear. H series is completely sealed and are filled with grease for its lifetime. H series high precision reduction gears consist of an accurate reduction mechanism and high-capacity radial and axial cylindrical bearings. This design of reduction gears allows the mounting of the load directly to the output flange or case without requiring additional bearings.



  •  Zero-backlash reduction gears
  •  High-moment capacity
  •  Excellent positioning accuracy and positioning repeatibility
  •  High torsional and tilting stiffness
  •  Small dimensions and weight
  •  High reduction ratios
  •  High effeciency
  •  Long lifetime
  •  Easy assembly
  •  Large input shaft hole diameter



Threaded and through holes in case


Input flange connection                                

Completely sealed reduction gear


Input shaft design                                              

Input shaft offers following versions:

  • a) hollow shaft
  • b) according to special request


Installation and operation characteristics   

Hollow shaft reduction gears.

Larger hole in input shaft allows the cables, tubes or additional shaft to pass through the reductiongear. Suitable for application where rotation of the input shaft is achieved by using a timing belt or similar arrangement.